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An imaginative tale of caring and friendship, and adventure and peril.

I like this book because the characters all seem very enthusiastic and surreal, and they’re all really creative and imaginative.   

— Harriet Wells, Aged 8, Ponsonby Primary School, Auckland

To let my limited edition slip out of its delightful sleeve into my hand, then rub my fingers over
that golden print on the cover on the handmade book before opening it was a sheer delight –
couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

Have now read it cover to cover three times revelling
even more in its story and illustrative creativity.

— Alannah, November, 2017.

Well what an amazing story book. I read to K on his birthday and three pages in he said
"A, can I take this book home with me?”

I love the book. It is so different and has such subliminal characters and life messages. Patch’s artwork is standout and incredibly in sync with the
story. So it hit the spot for a four year old.’

— Angela, November, 2017.

What a beautiful book you have made! It is gorgeous to hold and read. You have three little
fans, and two big ones.

— Caitlin, November, 2017.

This Book is very special in every way- beautifully produced, enchanting tale, bewitching
illustrations, and all in all magical- and will uplift the life of anyone who owns it and reads it -
especially out loud.

— Michal M , November, 2017.

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